The unemployment insurance process can be complex and difficult to navigate. Harmony Law Firm PLLC can help guide you and maximize your chance of success every step of the way. The more informed you are about the process, the more likely it is that you will reach your goals—whether you are trying to obtain benefits, retain benefits, contest an overpayment, or manage an employer insurance account.

Areti Georgopoulos offers a free initial consultation to assess your needs. After the initial consultation, Areti can:

• Counsel you on the entire unemployment process
• Create an individualized plan of representation to address your needs
• Counsel you on the process of filing for unemployment benefits, if you have not done so already
• Counsel you on the process of filing for an appeal, if you have not done so already
• Represent you in the entire appeal process
• Counsel you on managing an employer account
• Counsel you on later stages of appeal, if the initial appeal hearing was not determined in your favor.

If you are an employee who has been terminated from or quit your employment, you may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. If you apply for benefits, you will receive a preliminary determination of eligibility or ineligibility. If you are found eligible, you may collect benefits, but your employer may contest the determination by filing an appeal. If you are found ineligible, you may contest the determination by filing an appeal. Once an appeal is filed, your case will be heard by an unemployment law judge. This appeal hearing, which resembles a mini-trial, will determine whether you will receive benefits.

Your eligibility for benefits may also be affected by other circumstances. For instance, if you receive severance or other payments considered wages under the law, if you work part-time, or if your employer raises an issue regarding your eligibility after you have been approved for benefits. These issues may result in an overpayment determination, which can be appealed and addressed by an unemployment law judge.

Some workers are misclassified as independent contractors and may in fact be eligible for unemployment benefits available to employees. These workers may have a legal recourse to obtain benefits.

If you are an employer who contributes to the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, your account may be affected if one of your former employees applies for benefits. You may have the right to file an appeal of a determination of eligibility for benefits if one is issued to a former employee. You will have to assess whether it is beneficial for you to file an appeal, and to what extent you want to participate in the unemployment process.

Harmony Law Firm PLLC provides a reasonable flat fee for appeals. A flat fee is a one-time fee that indicates exactly what the service will cost you from the beginning. A reasonable hourly rate is available for other services.

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